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Helping you master behavioral skills to reach your full potential

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About Indaba Global

Indaba Global is an employee and leadership development company

Indaba Global Coaching, LLC was founded by Hellen Davis with intentions to bring behavior awareness to companies across the globe.  For the past 26 years, Hellen has coached clients through the intricacies of management, strategic planning, and behavior modification to achieve peak performance. The Indaba Team has developed creative and customized training courses for employee and leadership development -- both in a "live" and interactive eTraining formats.

Throughout our history, Indaba has been renowned for extending specialized assistance to clients in helping them ramp up their leadership and management capabilities and in teaching them how to respectfully hold their employees accountable.

Indaba Global instructors and consultants have been involved in sales, management, and consulting since 1973. Indaba consistently achieves results, and with its proven track record (e.g. documented 43% sales increase with a major insurance and investment corporation) has numerous long-standing relationships with a diverse range of Fortune 500 companies. The company provides its clients with consistent high levels of customer service. Indaba Global’s instructors and consultants are prescreened and certified professionals from a variety of fields. The company's corporate office is located in Saint Petersburg, FL.

History of DISCflex:

In the early 2000's, Hellen became frustrated with the behavior assessments currently being offered in the market. Hellen decided to use her behavior expertise in DISC Methodology to create her own assessment and DISCflex was born.  DISCflex is now being used at Universities and Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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Indaba Global's Vision

To develop personal and professional skills of business leaders and students to drastically improve their ability to capture opportunities across the world through our eLearning platform and blended learning approach.

The Meaning of Indaba

The name “Indaba” comes from CEO Hellen Davis' native homeland of South Africa. Indaba is a Zulu word for the concept of ‘seeking knowledge’. Indaba is a process of discovery, analysis, goal setting and self-fulfillment – a process that reinforces the mission of the company.

The Indaba Global Logo

The Eye of Knoweledge


Indaba Global


Path of Enlightenment

The eye is surrounded by the rays of the sun for energy and motivation. The bridge between the rays of motivation and the eye of knowledge represent the transition from where you are today, to where you will be tomorrow by applying knowledge and implementing lessons learned.

Strategic Objectives - Indaba Global specializes in four arenas

High Tech Training

High Tech Training

Our clients to have access to our materials 24/7/365 to ensure that the message is heard loud and clear.  Our blended approach of in person and online training produces consistently great results.

Cost Effective Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

Everyone doesn't have a Fortune 500 company's budget so Indaba Global has developed online programs that can be accessed 24/7/365 and provide a much more budget friendly option.


Behavior Training and Assessment

Our behavior assessment has raised the bar in the assessment industry. DISCflex™ DISC Assessments are not only extremely accurate, but they are also very easy to read!


Leadership Development

We provide real solutions for real problems.  Our fully customize-able training and development packages are designed specifically to your company's needs. 

Why is Behavior so Important?

Definition of Behavior - "The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others." (Oxford Dictionary)

Indaba Global focuses on behavior skills because behavior is at the root of everything people do. Our natural behavior tendencies dictate how we think, which affects our decision making process, ultimately determining how we act. Successful people understand the importance of mastering their behaviors and spend time practicing behavior skills. One way they accomplish this is by taking a "look in the mirror" approach and being introspective about how their behaviors impact others, both good and bad.  At Indaba Global Coaching, LLC our goal is to give you the tools to help you to master your behavior.

"You just can’t sit on the sidelines and succeed. You need skills to get through big changes.

This session really helped me hone my abilities. Yesterday we had a regional meeting and my VP singled my team and me out for doing a great job during a tough change. Luckily we took your course"

-Diane Atarron, Director

"My behavior has changed, my influencing abilities have increased dramatically, and I understand how to maneuver professionally to accomplish a daunting task.

Through my changes, my team has changed, too. This was an added benefit I didn’t expect.”

-Bradford Schupp, Six Sigma Champion
Raytheon Company

"I don’t know how you would possibly reach your full potential without understanding The 21 Laws of Influence

If you want to make more money, get more clients, motivate employees and have better relationships with friends and family members, you have to know the laws!"

-Randy Schuster, Senior Advisor
Centra Financial Group