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"You just can’t sit on the sidelines and succeed. You need skills to get through big changes.

This session really helped me hone my abilities. Yesterday we had a regional meeting and my VP singled my team and me out for doing a great job during a tough change. Luckily we took your course"

-Diane Atarron, Director

"My behavior has changed, my influencing abilities have increased dramatically, and I understand how to maneuver professionally to accomplish a daunting task.

Through my changes, my team has changed, too. This was an added benefit I didn’t expect.”

-Bradford Schupp, Six Sigma Champion
Raytheon Company

"I don’t know how you would possibly reach your full potential without understanding The 21 Laws of Influence

If you want to make more money, get more clients, motivate employees and have better relationships with friends and family members, you have to know the laws!"

-Randy Schuster, Senior Advisor
Centra Financial Group