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Invest In Your Employees!

Invest In Your Employees Now… Thank Us Later. Companies looking to grow must invest in training their employees now more than ever! With the emergence of smart phones, social media, and online reviews companies simply can’t afford not to. One disgruntled customer, one product launch delay, or one bad PR move can be the difference between reaching…

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Symptoms of Groupthink

Benefits to using a professional coach

First Things first, What is Groupthink? Groupthink is a term coined by psychologist Irving Janis in 1972. He describes Groupthink as a situation whereby each member of the group attempts to match their opinions to what they believe to be the current consensus of the group. The result of a team having Groupthink as a practice or habit…

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How to Survive a Difficult Boss

My Boss is a Nightmare… What Do I Do? Having a difficult boss can turn even the simplest job into a nightmare. Whether a boss likes to yell at the top of his or her lungs or only makes a yearly appearance in the flesh, preferring to communicate through vague emails that “let you figure…

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Team Behavior Report

Team Behavior

Team Behavior Report – Assess your team today! On Thursday, 10/ 01/2015, Indaba Global Coaching, LLC announced their newest and most comprehensive report yet, the DISCflex™ Team Report.  Assessing individual’s behaviors has become common practice among Fortune 500 companies and mid to small sized companies have begun to follow suit as prices have come down.…

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Sarcasm: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


How does sarcasm affect your relationships? The interesting thing about coincidences is that there are rarely any. Usually, it’s the universe knocking. Most often we ignore those knocks, and the doors to personal growth or opportunity never open, but as luck would have it, I was trapped on a plane where it’s a bit difficult to escape…

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Buy DISC Direct from Indaba Global

INDABA GLOBAL RELEASES EXCLUSIVE SERVICES – BUY DISC DIRECT! Indaba Global has revolutionized the eLearning marketplace once again by releasing their exclusive services to the public giving them the ability to Buy DISC Direct. For more than 20 years, Indaba provided high-quality eLearning materials to the world’s best-known organizations for use in workshops, classrooms, and…

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