Become a Certified Coach

Certification Options

When you are certified in DISCflex, you will have the ability to coach others through all of the DISCflex sessions and facilitate the learning process. Whether you are looking for the best solutions for your clients or you are a professor teaching students; DISCflex Certification provides you with all the knowledge you need to comfortably and expertly teach behavioral flexibility.

DISCflex Certification -$300.00 

We will teach you everything you need to know to take your unique experience and apply it to become a well-rounded executive coach. Our program covers the following topics - Change, Decision Making, Performance Management, Responsibility, Accountability, Authority, Feedback and Coaching, Facilitation, Teambuilding, and Work/Life Balance.

Executive Coaching Certification -$995.00 

The ultimate objective of our Life Coaching program is to teach you invaluable lessons and advanced skills designed to help you assess what is important for your clients and then help align their goals with this knowledge to make positive changes in their life. You will learn how to analyze behaviors, values, habits, and goals to determine exactly what needs to be done to successfully achieve those goals.

Life Coaching Certification -$995.00 

Benefits to using a professional coach

Certification Process

  1. Contact us to begin certification.
  2. Payment for the program.
  3. Intro webinar:  We walk you through how to use the course and the methodology behind materials you will use (1-2 hours).
  4. Completion of the online course: Our coaching courses offer content in the form of video, audio, and scripts.
  5. Certificate: We mail you a hard copy certificate once you have completed the mock coaching call.
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