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DISC in Colleges

Updated DISC Reports!

updated disc reports

Indaba Global is proud to present our newly updated DISC Reports! You gave us feedback, and we listened. Our new updated DISC reports include a “What is DISC” page at the beginning of our reports, an upgraded Sub-Factor section, and an improved 3rd Party Feedback section. These changes will answer common questions we have received…

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Using DISC assessments in the classroom

Using DISC assessments in the classroom.

DISC Assessments are on campuses across the United States. The DISC program is being used at all levels. From undergrad to MBA classes. DISC Assessments help identify a student’s strengths and potential challenges. DISC reports identify students motivators and stressors. Teaching students the basics of DISC is a great way to engage students. The program…

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The Trap of Staying in Your Behavioral Pattern

self talk forms actions and behaviors

Using DISC to Master your Behavior Pattern Get it Done with a Simple 4 Step Process Sometimes what got you the success you enjoy today won’t always be what gets you to the next level. Whether this is in your career (or in life). That’s a universal truth. Your biggest strength is precisely what might…

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DISC develops Emotional Intelligence

DISC develops Emotional Intelligence

Last spring, Dr. Bryan Forsyth first contacted Alex Fryer from Indaba Global. Dr. Forsyth wanted to become a DISC Coach. He enjoyed taking a DISC assessment and Alex trained him to become a coach. Dr. Forsyth also teaches a course on Emotional Intelligence for Ottawa University. During the training, he was interested to hear no…

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How to Sell DISC – For Coaches

Sell DISC Assessments

Many coaches are trained in DISC. They understand how to sell DISC assessments. However many are unsure of how to implement! Indaba makes the entire process easy. With no minimum purchase requirements. Coaches can sell DISC to 1 person or a large group of people. They are able to calculate their cost instantly. Please see…

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Improve student’s soft skills

Improve student's soft skills

Improve student’s soft skills by using DISC! Employers believe students are coming¬†into the workforce unprepared. Meaning that college graduates have a skills gap. Students have the grades and training to perform their job. However, they aren’t learning how to communicate with others. Our DISC assessment solves this problem. The DISC program will improve student’s soft…

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What is a DISC Assessment?

What is a DISC Assessment, DISC workshops, Contact Us

What is a DISC Assessment?¬† We are often asked, “What is a DISC Assessment?, How do I pass a DISC Assessment?, or Can I fail a DISC Assessment?” A DISC Assessment is not a test, so it is impossible to fail. When taking a DISC assessment it is important to relax and answer the questions…

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