Change Management Training

We have a DISC Assessment designed specifically for Change Management. This means the 60 questions for the assessment relate back to change management. Your DISC report will provide you with your results along with coaching pages specific to how the user behaves when faced with change. We even include our transitional timeline executive coaching model to help you understand the various stages of change and the emotional impact it can have.

Change Course eLearning

The Change program teaches employees how to deal effectively with the complexities and phases of change that can occur in an organization going through the transition. The goal is to educate employees in proven models that will help them make solid decisions whether the changes are currently happening, coming in the near future, or are off on the distant horizon. The Change program helps participants strategize and plan effectively, and execute those strategies. This course empowers the workforce to look for the best in a situation and to see transitions in a positive light – no matter if the change itself is one that seems daunting.

The sessions take participants through contingency planning models and show them how to systematically move people through change in a manner that encourages creativity and innovation. The psychology of change is important and the course spends a considerable amount of time instructing in this area. Without this critical information, managers and leaders find it difficult to move efficiently through change. Because change stirs activity, these sessions inspire that it is indeed possible to enhance productivity and provide inspiration during trying times and transition if leaders and the organization’s management know how to accomplish this goal.

Change Course Workshop

  • Time = Money. The less time your organization spends on going through a turbulent change, the less cost for your organization.
  • Organizations must master the technology that goes from cutting edge to potentially out-dated in less than a year. Therefore, businesses must prepare employees to confidently embrace change as a necessary component of running an effective organization.
  • Employees must expect change when they come to work. Even more important, change has to be part of the mindset they put themselves in. They need to expect change as a norm.
  • By giving employees the tools to recognize and dissect the components of change, you can push through the event and continue striving towards goal achievement.
  • The Change program helps employees and managers to stay competitive. It will reduce their stress by giving them the skills necessary to move through change in a timely, positive manner.
  • Without change occurring, no one would grow and develop to their full potential, businesses would never expand, and new products would never be introduced.
  • Any change in a person’s life – at home or work – can have a tremendous impact on their job performance. That’s because, for most people, change produces a flood of stress. And when stress levels rise and stay elevated, job performance almost always goes down. No organization can afford to have its people perform at anything less than their best.
  • Your company must transform their attitude about change and help others to do the same because the long-term viability of your company is at stake.
  • Many profitable opportunities are lost to companies that are unable to manage change and move forward in positive ways. Change is inevitable. Therefore, we will explain in this program how to deal with change in a positive manner.


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