DISC Assessments for Businesses


Our DISC product line can be used throughout an organization. Companies use our DISC Interview Guide during the hiring process, our DISCflex Essentials Assessment with entry-level employees, DISCflex Business Behaviors Assessment with managers, and our DISCflex Leadership Assessment with the C-Level Suite. Once you have the individuals complete their assessment, we can even run team reports.

DISC for Your Organization

We can work with you in weaving DISC into your corporate culture. Our team works with you to customize the program to your companies goals.

DISC Implementation

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We have two options for who implements the program.

  • Indaba can provide you with DISCflex Certified Coaches who can facilitate the program and run training workshop/sessions. Training can be done in-person or virtually. Please note our programs are only available in English.
  • We can certify your internal trainers and coaches in DISCflex. This can save the costs of hiring our coaches to travel to you and it adds value to your existing internal people. Our DISCflex Certifications cost $300 per person. The process is quite simple and consists of a 90-minute training webinar. Once the coach completes the training we provide them with materials to use DISC with other people. Our certification does not expire and there are no renewal fees. Plus the certified coach gets a 30% pricing discount.

Learn more about DISCflex Certification.

Set up

  • You can customize what you want your employees to have access to
    • Their DISC Pattern and Factor Results
    • The ability to instantly download their report
    • The ability to invite third-party users to take a condensed assessment about them
  • We can link the admin/trainers account so that they will receive an automated email when their employee participant completes the assessment. Please note the email also contains a link to download that persons report.
  • We include the company's logo (no charge) to appear in the upper-left hand of the account, this personalizes the program to each organization.
Each factor of DISC is broken down in your personalized DISCflex results


disc in the classroom ppt instructions
  • We can set up a Master Account for the organization with sub-groups for each group/department/team. This way you can keep groups separated for tracking purposes.
  • We provide admin/trainer with a facilitation email and group codes to send to their participants.
  • We also provide two PPT's to assist the admin/trainer with implementation.
    • One PPT provides a walk thru of the employee's user experience and provides our contact info for technical questions.
    • One PPT provides a report walk thru and activities with facilitator notes so the admin/trainer can lead the group from the front of the room.



We would love to train you in our DISC assessment - DISCflex. We provide you with the resources to use this tool in your organization.

Your DISCflex Certification ($300) will take 60-90 minutes to complete and consists of:

  • Free DISCflex Online Assessment
  • DISCflex Report Analysis. We go over your results and explain the methodology used in the report.
  • DISCflex Admin Training. We provide you with access to your employee's reports and materials to use with your organization (such as PPT's).
  • Access to our online DISC eLearning course. The course contains 20 hours of video, audio, and script materials.
  • We can setup admin accounts for each group and provide access to the admin/trainer to access their employee's results. They will be able to download their employee's reports as well as export the data to excel.


How much does DISC Cost?

Dial Up Influence

What are Companies are saying about using DISC Assessments?

“My behavior has changed, my influencing abilities have increased dramatically, and I understand how to maneuver professionally to accomplish a daunting task. Through my changes, my team has changed, too. This was an added benefit I didn’t expect.”

Bradford Schupp, Six Sigma Champion
Raytheon Company

"With over 25 years in the field of behavior change, the DISCflex™ is the most dynamic tool that I have seen in years. The comprehensive nature of the Business Behaviors Report will help individuals be more aware of strengths and weaknesses and companies better manage their talent. The additional piece of DISCflex eLearning is 20+ hours of video training to guide the behavior change and knocks the DISCflex™ out of the park.”

Jon D. McKanna MS, LPC, LSW

“Indaba has provided value-added services to our organization. Their fresh thinking, energy, candor, and intellectual honesty has provided real and measurable benefit to the success of PJM.”

Phillip Harris, President & Chief Executive Officer
PJM Interconnection, L.L.C. - Largest wholesale electric market in the world

"For a long time, I’ve been looking for something to assist me in people development. I’ve invested a lot of time and money buying training material and trying to help my clients develop their employees. But I always got the excuse that they are too busy and can’t afford the time off from work. Or it’s too expensive to get an external consultant with the expertise to spend a full day or two training their employees. However, training and development remained my focus as this is the only way to ensure real growth in any organization. Finding Indaba Global on the internet was such a blessing as it gave me everything I needed, without costing me, or my clients, an arm and a leg. I started marketing their products and before I was even ready to explore the program for myself, my clients were all over me, sharing the same excitement as what I did when I first heard of these Coaching programs. These coaching programs were all that I needed to complete my business model, from leadership development to executive recruitment, it offered me exactly what I wanted, at a very reasonable price. Ever wondered what
you did before Google? Start using Indaba’s programs, you’ll start wondering how you ever managed without it!"

Dr. Debri van Wyk
Organizational Psychologist at Imperial Group