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Taking a DISC assessment is a great way to learn about yourself or others. Your DISCflex Report will give you tips on how to flex your natural behaviors out of your comfort zone to achieve better results. After practice and training yourself to flex your behaviors, you will see that it becomes easier and easier to display these behaviors until it starts to happen subconsciously. We refer to this long-term change as behavior morphing. Start your transformation and become the person you want to be today!

Check out our different types of DISC Assessments and Reports below!

A simple DISC Assessment that provides a user's DISC Pattern, Factor scores, and the ability to get 360 feedback built into the report. Learn More >>>

Report -$20.00 

Report + Recommended eLearning -$50.00 

Learn how your DISC profile effects you in important areas of business. Get tips of how to improve your behavior at work for better results. Learn More >>>

Report -$30.00 

Report + Recommended eLearning -$60.00 

With our Life Skills Report you will complete a DISC assessment and learn skills that will allow you to set the stage for a life that will make you satisfied. Learn More >>>

Assessment -$30.00 

Assessment + Recommended eLearning -$60.00 

Comprehensive DISC report including a detailed description and coaching models of the following topics: Work Environment, Goal Setting, Interpersonal Communication, Change, Decision Making, Team Interactions, Facilitation, Receiving and Giving Feedback, Self-Talk, Performance Management. Learn More >>>

Report -$60.00 

Report + Recommended eLearning -$90.00 

This DISC program is similar to the DISCflex™ Leadership Program, except it is catered to sales and the sales process. This DISC report is 60+ pages and is used for executive sales training to be done over the course of a year. The report pages include in-depth personal analysis of the sales process and the user's behavioral tendencies. Learn More >>>

Assessment -$60.00 

Assessment+ Recommended eLearning -$90.00 

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Now What? - Add an eLearning course today!


eLearning Standalone Programs - $30 each


Executive Development

Life Skills

Sales Development

Please note we can add any of our standalone eLearning programs to our reports to help answer the "Now What?" question many face after reading through their reports. The eLearning materials are formatted similarly with each course providing over 20 hours of content (video, audio, script). You can track eLearning progress via the associated quizzes and tests. 

*Each eLearning course is $30.00 and can be added to an existing account at any time.

Using DISC for Teams? - Check out our Team Report

Try out the report on the market, DISCflex Team Behavior Report.

We have designed a new Team Behavior Report that allows you to pick and choose which members of your organization you would like to include. Once you have selected your team, pick a team leader and the system will generate a comprehensive Team DISC Report. You will find your teams individual DISC scores, information on your team leaders potential strengths and challenges, and information on the 9 steps of a successful team mapped out with the useful DISC factors for each step.

Run a single team report for $100 or purchase unlimited access for your organization for $300/year.

*Please make sure to note that everyone you want to include on your team must complete (or have previously completed) the same DISCflex™ assessment.