DISC develops Emotional Intelligence

DISC develops Emotional Intelligence

DISC develops Emotional Intelligence!

Last spring, Dr. Bryan Forsyth first contacted Alex Fryer from Indaba Global. Dr. Forsyth wanted to become a DISC Coach. He enjoyed taking a DISC assessment and Alex trained him to become a coach. Dr. Forsyth also teaches a course on Emotional Intelligence for Ottawa University. During the training, he was interested to hear no one has done any research on how DISC and emotional intelligence relate.

Alex then talked to Hellen Davis the creator of DISCflex. They were both excited to join Dr. Forsyth in examining if there was a connection. Alex managed to map out how the DISC Sub-factors taught in Indaba’s DISC eLearning course, help develop emotional intelligence.

Dr. Forsyth brought in his colleague Brian Mitchell. Brian is an executive that specializes in leadership development. They wanted to see if they could use this information to create a Leadership Model. A model that could be taught to executives. They also thought that with higher emotional intelligence this would improve job satisfaction and performance. Dr. Forsyth led the team and submitted their research to The Journal of Organizational Psychology.

Today the Journal of Organizational Psychology has published their model and research paper. Please read our published paper on how DISC develops emotional intelligence and leads to higher job performance and job satisfaction.

The DISCflex Leadership Team Performance Model – Written by Dr. Bryan Forsyth, Brian Mitchell, Hellen Davis, and Alex Fryer.

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