DISC Assessments in the Classroom

College Students using DISC

Research has shown that there is a skill gap when entering the workforce. Even though qualified people are being hired. Companies realize that the "soft skills" needed to excel on the job are not at an appropriate level. We have found that our Online DISC Assessments are able to help those students.

Free DISC Certification for Professors

We would love to train you in our DISC assessment - DISCflex. We provide you with the resources to use this tool in the classroom.

Your DISCflex Certification will take 60-90 minutes to complete and consists of:

  • Free DISCflex Online Assessment
  • DISCflex Report Analysis. We go over your results and explain the methodology used in the report.
  • DISCflex Admin Training. We provide you with access to your student's reports and materials to use in the classroom (such as PPT's).
  • Access to our online DISC eLearning course. The course contains 20 hours of video, audio, and script materials.

Who uses DISC in the classroom?

Our programs are popular in the classroom. They have been integrated with students at all levels. Ranging from intro Freshman levels to MBA and Doctorate courses.

How do you implement DISC in your class?

We can work with you in weaving DISC into your syllabus. Our team works with you to customize the program to your class.

How much does DISC Cost?

Who pays for the program?

We have two options for who pays for the program.

  • Students purchase the program as it is part of their class materials. Just like they do textbooks. We will create an order page and email you the link to share with your students.
  • The school department the program is being used for pays for the program. We will provide you with login information to share with your students.

Case Studies on using DISCflex in the Classroom


Our programs are popular in the classroom. They have been integrated with students at all levels. Ranging from intro Freshman levels to MBA and Doctorate courses.

What are Professors saying about DISC in the classroom?

“We utilized DISCFlex in our MBA and Executive MBA programs.  As a specific example, we have MBA students that work on projects with students from the Berlin School of Economics and Law.  We had our students and the Berlin students take the DISC so that we could assign them to groups according to their profiles.  These groups have been very cohesive and effective in the work they have been doing for the clients.  I attribute the success of the groups to the fact that we used DISC to put them together.  DISCFlex was a great tool that helped us understand our individual students and build a strong group dynamic within the teams.”

Liz McLain Director of Graduate Studies in Business - Frank Barton School of Business - Wichita State University.

"Many professors prepare courses that reward extroversion and penalize introversion.  But, one of the keys to success in the classroom is taking the individual differences of your students into account when preparing your lessons. DISCflex has been the perfect tool for that endeavor.  Having my undergraduate and graduate students take the assessment early in the semester allows each student to understand their personality baseline and the traits they need to dial up or down for given assignments.  I’ve always thought I related to students well, but with DISCflex, I now feel that I understand my students on a deeper level."

Jason Fertig, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Management - Romain College of Business - University of Southern Indiana.

“I love what I see, it is much improved over the DISC I have used in the past.”

Bryan Forsyth, Ph.D. Ottawa University

“This is the most comprehensive DISC I’ve ever seen!”

Jeff Kudisch, Ph.D. University of Maryland

“Students get a “real life business experience” while gaining Behavioral Intelligence using DISCflex.”

Betty Anzaldua, University of Toledo

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