DISC vs DISCflex (Biggest differences between DISC and DISCflex)

DISC vs DISCflex. Checkout our Online DISC Certification

DISCflex Reports

  • DISCflex reports are personalized to your DISC factor scores. The reports provide you with unique information and tips based on your individual results. Most DISC reports provide cookie-cutter info based only on your highest DISC factor(s). Think of our competitor’s DISC reports as being an over-priced department store suit, while DISCflex is a custom suit tailored to your behavior (that costs LESS)!
  • DISCflex reports offer third party perception in the report for no additional cost (360 component). Check how your self-perception varies vs how others view your behavioral tendencies.
  • DISCflex helps you analyze your DISC factor gaps to improve your strengths and mitigate weaknesses. This information (called Sub-Factors) is great in teaching people how to analyze and flex their behavior to what is appropriate for the situation. DISCflex Sub-factors are unique to DISCflex and will not be found in other DISC reports.
  • Indaba Global offers a 15+ hour DISCflex eLearning course that provides in-depth training and activities for users to learn how to flex their behavior. Do not waste your time on expensive workshops when you can learn from your computer.


DISCflex Certified Coaches

  • Indaba’s DISCflex Certification does not expire and there are no renewal fees.
  • Indaba provides our DISCflex Certified Coaches with PPT’s and materials to present and facilitate DISCflex with others.
  • DISCflex Certified Coaches receive 30% off Indaba’s retail prices (listed on Indaba’s website) and are able to sample any of our programs for Free before using with a client.
  • DISCflex Certified Coaches have a trained Indaba account rep to assist you throughout the process!


*Special Offer for DISCflex Certified Coaches

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