DISC vs DISCflex (Biggest differences between DISC and DISCflex)

DISC vs DISCflex, Checkout our Online DISC Certification, DISC Supplier

DISCflex Reports

  • DISCflex reports are personalized to your DISC factor scores. The reports provide you with unique information and tips based on your individual results. Most DISC reports provide cookie-cutter info based on your highest DISC factor(s). Think of our competitor’s DISC reports as being an over-priced department store suit. Meanwhile, DISCflex is a custom suit tailored to your behavior (that costs LESS)!
  • DISCflex reports offer a 360 component in the report. For no additional cost. Check how your self-perception varies vs how others view your behavior.
  • DISCflex helps you analyze your DISC factor gaps. We want you to improve your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses. We call these gaps Sub-factors. They are great for teaching people how to analyze and flex their behavior. DISCflex Sub-factors are unique to DISCflex and will not be found in other DISC reports.
  • Indaba Global offers a 15+ hour DISCflex eLearning course. Our course will provide the user with everything they will ever need to have about DISC. We go over what a DISC assessment is, what the different DISC profiles are, how the different DISC factors relate to one another (DISC sub-factors), and how to dial up and down your DISC factors. The course provides training for users to learn how to flex their behavior.
  • Indaba has a full library of DISCflex Assessments. Need a $20 DISC report? Use Indaba’s DISCflex Essentials Report. Training high-level executives? Use our DISCflex Leadership Report. Do you need sales training? Use our DISCflex Sales Report.

DISCflex Certified Coaches

  • Indaba’s DISC Certification’s do not expire!
  • No renewal fees.
  • No minimum purchase requirements.
  • PPT’s and materials for you to use and facilitate DISC with others.
  • 30% off Indaba’s retail prices.
  • Can sample any of our programs for Free.
  • Indaba account rep to assist them throughout the process!


  1. Contact us to begin certification.
  2. Payment for the program.
  3. We provide you with a DISC Assessment.
  4. Once you complete your DISC Assessment. We will hold a 90-minute training webinar with you.
  5. During the webinar, we go over your results.
  6. After the webinar, we will provide you with a Facilitator PPT to use DISC with other people. This PPT will include facilitator notes so you can lead the group.
  7. Certificate: We mail you a hard copy certificate once you have completed the webinar. So that you will be able to use this certificate to advertise that you are a Certified DISCflex Coach.

Special Offer

  • Free DISC Certification for Professors.
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