DISCflex™ Certification

DISCflex™ Certification

DISCflex™ Certification Overview

Looking to start your own coaching endeavor or add new products to your coaching toolbox? Look no further. Earn your DISCflex™ certification and become a master at behavior modification. When you are certified in DISCflex™, you will have the ability to coach others through all of the DISCflex™ eLearning sessions. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to share your knowledge of behavioral flexibility with your clients. Upon completion of your DISCflex™ Certification you will be immediately eligible to receive 30% off of all future DISCflex Purchases! 


DISCflex™ Certification Options

DISCflex™ Certification is completed almost entirely online, at your own pace.

Facilitator: ($300): This is the fastest course.  We make sure you have all the tools and support you need to get people through their DISCflex™ Assessment and Report start to finish.  You can now advertise yourself as DISCflex™ Certified.

DISCflex™ Facilitator Certification -$300.00 

Master: ($995): This course comes with 25 free DISCflex™ Assessments and the added value of being DISCflex™ Master Certified.  This course is the same as above, and you get 25 DISCflex Assessment Units of your choice. This is a great way to begin using DISC.

DISCflex™ Master Certification -$995.00 

DISC Certification Process

  1. Contact us to begin certification.
  2. Payment for the program.
  3. Intro webinar:  We walk you through how to use the course and the methodology behind materials you will use (1-2 hours).
  4. Certificate: We mail you a hard copy certificate once you have completed the weninar.

DISC Certification Content

The DISCflex™ Certification programs use the DISCflex™ eLearning course. Learn More>>>

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