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Many traditional DISC participants often ask, “Now what?”

Most DISC assessment companies provide their clients with only one simple assessment and use that alone to determine their employees’ strength, weaknesses, stressors and behavioral preferences. After taking the DISC assessment, the participants are finished learning with everything related to DISC and really never have the time or the materials to get a true grasp of its importance and direct relevance to their everyday lives.

With our innovative DISC eLearning program, we answer that question before our clients can even think to ask it. Our course will provide the user with everything they will ever need to have about DISC. We go over what a DISC assessment is, what the different DISC profiles are, how the different DISC factors relate to one another (DISC sub-factors), and how to dial up and down your DISC factors.

With immediate access to over 15+ hours of eLearning, audio, white papers, activities, quizzes and tests: all available 24/7/365. Our clients love the flexibility of enjoying unlimited access to our various learning materials and are excited to learn how to use their behaviors effectively in order to reach their maximum potential.

eLearning Makes the Difference

Speakers and trainers often face one critical pitfall – they don't have effective follow-up materials. Even the most motivated participants will quickly fall back into their daily routine because life simply takes over. How do we help prevent this and keep your participants motivated? We offer a complete eLearning solution with over 15 hours of training materials. We've found that a blended learning approach significantly increases retention of learning and helps build your credibility and reputation as the person incorporating it into their training program.

DISCflex™ eLearning Program Contents

  • 15+ Hours of eLearning
  •  Custom learning options (video, audio, script materials)
  • Activities and Whitepapers
  • Quizzes and Tests
  • 8 eLearning Parts:

Getting Acquainted

General DISC profiles

Four Primary Factors

Dominance Sub-factors

Influence Sub-factors

Steadiness Sub-factors

Compliance Sub-factors

Personalized eLearning


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