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Unlocking Lasting Recovery: Introducing DISCflex Recovery for Counselors and Recovery Centers


Are you a dedicated recovery counselor or part of a recovery center, tirelessly searching for effective tools to guide your clients towards lasting recovery? Look no further. DISCflex Recovery is a game-changing program that leverages a behavioral approach to support and empower individuals through their recovery journey.

DISCflex Recovery revolves around our signature offering, the "DISCflex Recovery: A Report About Me." This comprehensive self-assessment questionnaire dives deep into the behavioral preferences and styles of your clients. By utilizing the highly regarded DISC methodology, our algorithm generates a personalized DISCflex Recovery Profile for each individual. This profile unveils valuable insights into their behavioral tendencies, empowering both you and your clients to better understand how they are likely to behave in different situations.

But the power of DISCflex Recovery doesn't stop there. To facilitate active client engagement and introspection, we provide the accompanying resource: "DISCflex Recovery: A Book About Me." This workbook acts as a trusted companion for your clients, allowing them to delve further into their report, answer additional questions, and provide vital context to enhance your counseling sessions. From initially transferring items from the report to fostering SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) discussions about their behavior, this workbook sets the stage for transformative growth. It also provides a comprehensive exploration of essential life skills and assists clients in creating a well-planned roadmap towards a brighter future.

By choosing DISCflex Recovery, you're embracing a powerful behavioral approach to addiction recovery that has already proven successful in securing grant funding. This financial support not only highlights the program's efficacy but also presents a unique opportunity to lower or even eliminate the cost to your business.

With DISCflex Recovery, you can confidently provide your clients with a comprehensive toolkit that empowers them to take ownership of their behaviors, make positive changes, and navigate the recovery process with clarity and purpose.

Join the ranks of esteemed recovery counselors and centers who have already witnessed the transformative power of DISCflex Recovery. Discover how this cutting-edge program can revolutionize your approach to recovery and help your clients achieve lasting, meaningful change.

To learn more about DISCflex Recovery and explore the potential it holds for your practice or center, click the link below.

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