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The DISC Sales Assessment is catered to sales and the sales process. The DISC Sales Report is 60+ pages and is typically used for executive sales training or in tandem with Sales coaching eLearning course. The report pages include in-depth personal analysis of the sales process and the user's behavioral tendencies.

This report is great for: Sales training, hiring for sales teams, and much more...

DISC Sales Assessment Contents

  • 60 Question Targeted DISC Assessment
  • 60+ Page Report (Depending on DISC Profile)
  • 3rd Party Perception (360-view)
  • Top 3 DISC Sub-Factors
  • Personalized Information Based on Scores
  • 13 Report Topics:

 Initial Interview

Research & Discovery

Mental Preparation

Building Trust & Rapport

Gathering Data

Presentation Skills

Decision Making

Closing the Sale

Relationship Building

Motivators & Inspirational Forces

Primary Motivational Elements

Sales Improvement Action Plan

Self-Improvement Action Plan

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