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What is eLearning?

My Way, My Place, My Pace™ Blended Learning-

Designed to teach leaders and managers techniques and business practices that result in immediate implementation and execution of the material they learn during their sessions. We offer our programs in three learning formats: Video, Audio (mp3 downloadable) and White Papers. The variety of learning options enhances the overall results for our clients. Whether at their desk, at home during quiet time, while exercising, or when they are traveling, our customers appreciate the freedom. We call this learning flexibility: My Way, My Place, My Pace™

Think about what this flexible online format means to your bottom line: No longer do you need to rent meeting rooms, pay for travel, or have your key employees in training sessions when you can least afford it. Plus – your top-level leadership – the ones who continually cannot make it to training – may learn when it is convenient for them. This ensures that everyone in your organization has access to the same knowledge at the same time!

Whether your employee is 1,200 miles away or 12 steps down the hallway, they will have the same high quality training available to them. How else can you make sure your entire workforce is on the same page, at the same time, with the same training? The courses are designed to enhance the way your managers and leaders interact with employees. The goal is to provide them with a comprehensive series of modules that will result in achieving excellence in leadership and management behavior.

As an example, our modules provide structure and models to assist your company's leaders to set strategy and vision, delineate goals, monitor goals and provide feedback and coaching. Additionally, they learn the methodology to handle change effectively and to conduct after-action reviews leading to continuous process improvement in how they get results.


Learning Verification

Our learning verification system is grounded in a series of online learning modules to reaffirm that the required knowledge has been understood by the participants. Each module consists of 20 multiple choice questions. A passing grade is 70% or higher. Your employees will have the opportunity to retake any module should they not receive a passing grade. After each module they will receive an email with details for their next scheduled module.

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