Free DISC Team Report

Free DISC Team Report

Special Offer – Free DISC Team Report (must be a DISCflex Certified Coach to qualify) – Expires January 1st, 2017

Our certified DISCflex Coaches are able to use our Team Reports for Free! Coaches also enjoy the ability to purchase our DISC assessments at 30% off our retail prices with no minimum purchase requirements.

Become a certified DISCflex coach today and use the Team Report to analyze your team’s behavior! Learn more about how to become a DISCflex Certified Coach.

Provide your team with behavioral awareness today!

Chances are you have metrics on your team’s performance. Indaba offers you a chance to assess your team member’s behavior by completing our online DISC assessments (they take 10-15 minutes to complete). Our goal is to help you bring awareness to your team about their behavioral tendencies and provide them with a language to use with one another.

We have a full library of DISC assessments so you can pick the topic that best suits your team. We also can provide you with as little or as much information as you want.

Do you just want your team’s DISC scores?

Choose our 13 page DISCflex Essentials Program ($20/person).

Do you want a standard DISC report that also allows you to provide your users a 360 component?

Choose our 26-page DISCflex Business Behaviors Program ($30/person).

Do you want a comprehensive report that includes the 360 component and advanced coaching models?

Choose our 40+ page DISCflex Sales or DISCflex Leadership Programs ($60/person).

Do not waste time sitting in a 3-day workshop when you can provide the same training to your team via our DISCflex eLearning ($30/person).

Once you have your team complete a DISC assessment we can analyze your team with our Team Behavior Report. Pick your team leader and the members you wish to analyze and let our report do the rest. Learn more about our Team Reports!



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