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About Indaba Global

Indaba Global Coaching, LLC was founded by Hellen Davis in 1989. For the past 29 years, Hellen has coached clients through the intricacies of management. Helped them with strategic planning. Addressing behavior modification to achieve peak performance. The Indaba Team has developed customized training courses for employee and leadership development. Both in a "live" and interactive eLearning formats.

Throughout our history, Indaba has been renowned for extending specialized assistance to clients. By helping them ramp up their leadership and management capabilities, and in teaching them how to respectfully hold their employees accountable.

Indaba Global instructors and consultants have been involved in sales, management, and consulting since 1973. Indaba consistently achieves results, and with its proven track record (e.g. documented 43% sales increase with a major insurance and investment corporation) has numerous long-standing relationships with a diverse range of Fortune 500 companies. The company provides its clients with consistently high levels of customer service. Indaba Global’s instructors and consultants are prescreened and certified professionals from a variety of fields. The company's corporate office is located in Saint Petersburg, FL.

Indaba Global is an employee and leadership development company

High Tech Training

High Tech Training

Our clients to have access to our materials 24/7/365. To ensure that the message is heard loud and clear.  Our blended approach of in-person and online training. This produces consistently great results.

Cost Effective Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

Everyone doesn't have a Fortune 500 company's budget. So Indaba Global has developed online programs that can be accessed at all times. We provide a much more cost-effective option.

DISC assessment and DISC report

Behavior Training and Assessment

Our DISC assessment has raised the bar in the industry. DISCflex Assessments are not only accurate. They are also very easy to read!


Leadership Development

We provide real solutions for real problems.  Our personalized training and development packages are designed for your company's needs.

Our DISC assessments are easy to use and easy to understand. DISCflex DISC assessments are used for training in colleges and businesses all over the world. Give DISCflex DISC assessments a try for yourself today!

Being an executive coach herself, Hellen Davis created DISCflex DISC Assessments with coaches in mind. Our online DISC assessment tools are easy to use.

Most DISC providers make things complicated by including too much general information. The don't include information written for the user. Our DISC algorithm takes your self-assessment answers and creates a unique highly accurate DISC profile. Our online system then pulls specific and targeted coaching info based on the user's DISC factor scores. The coaching tips are found throughout their DISC report. The end result is a clear and concise behavior report. It can be used for self-improvement, employee engagement, or professional coaching.  Indaba Global Coaching LLC uses DISC reports with all of our coaching clients to enhance the training experience.

Why is Behavior so Important?

Definition of Behavior - "The way in which one acts or conducts oneself, especially towards others." (Oxford Dictionary)

Indaba Global focuses on behavior skills. Our thought is behavior is at the root of everything people do. Our natural behavior tendencies dictate how we think. Which affects our decision-making process. Ultimately determining how we act. Successful people understand the importance of mastering their behaviors. They spend time practicing behavior skills. One way they accomplish this is by taking a "look in the mirror" approach. By being introspective.  Our goal is to give you the tools to help you to master your behavior.

Indaba Global's Vision

To develop personal and professional skills of business leaders. To help students to drastically improve their ability to capture opportunities across the world. We accomplish this through coaching and our programs. Our eLearning platform and blended learning approach.

The Indaba Global Logo

Indaba Global

The eye is surrounded by the rays of the sun for energy and motivation. The bridge between the rays of motivation and the eye of knowledge represent the transition from where you are today. To where you will be tomorrow. By applying knowledge and implementing lessons learned.

The Meaning of Indaba

The name “Indaba” comes from CEO Hellen Davis' native homeland of South Africa. Indaba is a Zulu word for the concept of ‘seeking knowledge’. Indaba is a process of discovery, analysis, goal setting and self-fulfillment. A process that reinforces the mission of the company.

The Eye of Knoweledge



Path of Enlightenment