Our Background

Indaba Global (IG) is an education technology company founded in 1989 focused on the melding of performance and behavior for professional and personal development. IG provides tools, assessments, eLearning, and consulting services in the areas of behavioral modification (changing habits) and adaptation (situational behavioral flexing). The company also delivers certification and train-the-trainer programs to corporations as well as K-12 and higher education academic institutions. Indaba Global (IG) provides materials to education institutions across the world helping professors teach and develop students’ behavioral KSAs (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude) at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

In 2013, IG began to develop DISCflex K-12 in conjunction with CORE K-12, creating a system by integrating behavioral assessments, tailored eLearning, and goal setting for students and teachers. The Indaba Platform uses technology integration similar to that deployed by the defense industry in its security and robustness. K-12 behavioral assessments, reports, testing, and eLearning, as well as data analysis, are delivered via a web-based platform with student and administrative dashboards. Through the data gathering process, we acquire never-before-collected behavioral classroom data.

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Software Platform

IGES block diagram

Indaba built the code and content for the K-12 DISCflex Program and Software Platform. The software platform is standardized, customizable, and scalable:

Platform/System: Fully customizable and built with Open Architecture (which allows for robust integration and substantial content and capability build out.

  • Deliver to millions of K-12 students.
  • Editable code for customized and future requirements.
  • Highly secure Servers: Are Encrypted and Secure utilizing the latest technology.
  • Highly adaptable and able to easily interface with existing licensee and/or client systems.
  • Proprietary algorithms.
  • Patent-pending process and software.
  • Automated messaging.
  • Comprehensive Administration & Messaging System : Easy to use administrative and delivery system/back-end allows administrator to send access codes easily. Enables 'look/see' at every level.


Content: Dashboards enable students and admin personnel to access their information using “My Way, My Place, My Pace” philosophy.

Assessment Tool:

  • Fully validated behavioral assessment.
  • Takes less than 15 minutes to complete.

Report Generation:

  • Report is generated from hundreds of thousands of words, phrases, and sentences.These are accessed  to produce highly specific reports through a proprietary algorithm. Each report is generated as a result of the inputs from the student's DISCflex Behavior Assessment.
    • Fully customizable: Every word, page, and picture can be edited/changed.
    • Reports can be customized for districts/schools.
    • Reports can be copied, changed, and white-labeled for clients/districts/schools.
  • Reports are dynamic and 'open' which allows for ongoing inputs. As inputs come in, the reports can be regenerated incorporating new information in real time.
Individual Reports

eLearning Capabilities


  • Output potential: Unique lesson plans, suggestions and tips based on behavioral assessment's results delivered to millions of K-12 students. Indaba has a patent-pending for delivering targeted eLearning based on specific behavioral assessment results. This capability allows you to customize the eLearning you provide your student based on their DISC Pattern.
  • Formats and Capabilities: video, audio, eBook, whitepaper, editable pdf, pdf, PowerPoint, activities, etc.
  • Testing and tracking: Creates an effective step-by-step process for understanding and implementing behavioral adaptation leading to forming great student habits.
  • Individualized targeted eLearning: Delivery of targeted sessions, activities, etc. based on the student's individual behavioral patterns.
  • Edit any eLearning content for future requirements.
  • Indaba developed scripts and activities for each of the primary K-12 report topics. Also available are a myriad of topics and materials covering a wide range of topics including DISCflex eLearning and Life Skills eLearning These contain over 15 hours of video, audio, and script files each; and all can be tailored for in the classroom.

Data Analytics

Population Data:

  • Data Gathering: By using ongoing data gathering, the system tracks historical data, picks up 3rd Party inputs, regenerates reports based on new data, and sends appropriate messages to the participants and administrators.
  • Data Breakdown: Capabilities at the team, small group, classroom, school, district, county, state and national levels.
Group Data

Behavior Tools

K-12 Products

Goals of Classroom Management

DISCflex ™ for K-12™ is a web-based validated behavior assessment and reporting system that provides each student with an individualized “A Report About Me”. The content is based on the student’s natural DISC behavior pattern/behavioral makeup with specific behavioral levels/scores. Their “A Report About Me” provides an analysis of areas they can learn to flex for the situations they find themselves in.

Students need awareness of their natural behavioral tendencies. They need this behavioral knowledge so they can adapt (flex their behavior) for any situation. The better the student's behavioral agility, the more options the student will have throughout their life.

Students will discover:

  • “Why I do what I do” versus how another student might behave in a similar circumstance.
  • Students learn what their strongest ‘behavioral makeup’ traits are. They’ll also examine behavioral challenges; as well as strengths and weaknesses.
  • What gets them excited and motivated.
  • How their behavior helps with academic goals and study habits.

Individual Reports

K-12 Individual Reports can:

  • Understanding & Awareness: Help the student understand their behavior: Teach them how to flex for any situation.
  • Behavior-based Education Plans: Deliver automated targeted customized lessons, tips, sessions, activities, recommended learning, etc. based on student’s unique behavior pattern.
  • Evaluate 3rd Party Inputs: Gather external behavioral perceptions (optional) from classmates, teachers, parents, etc.

Validated K-12 DISC Assessments. Click the product link below to learn more about each one and download sample reports:

Helps students discover their habit patterns in 4 key areas:

1. Self-Talk – What you say to yourself determines how you act.

2. Decision making - Students are taught about the behavioral choices they make.

3. Goal setting - They learn how to set and track goals in their behavioral preference so that they can make better academic and life decisions.

4. Communication - Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills.

NOTE: The individual student assessments and reports feed seamlessly into the K-12 Classroom Management Tool.

cutom hs report

Team Reports

Behavior Education Circle
Team Reports

A student’s unique Behavioral DNA and group dynamics play a significant role in academic outcomes and student success.

K-12 Behavioral Strategies to Optimize Learning Opportunities

K-12 Classroom Management is not only doing things like helping all students feel welcome and comfortable, getting to know their names and interests, and having conversations with them. K-12 Classroom Management should also include components that affect student behavior. Guiding student performance and success to its full potential often starts with getting to know how each student prefers to learn, act, and retain what they need.

K-12 Classroom Management Group Report

The process of creating Classroom Management Group Reports is quite simple. Teachers and administrators can create group accounts in a matter of minutes. Teachers can consolidate any number of assessments into a comprehensive report which can:

  • Afford the teacher an all-inclusive behavioral snapshot of all the students in the classroom.
  • Using the K-12 Classroom Management Tool, teachers can 'click or unclick' names in their Teacher Admin Dashboard to generate countless reports on classroom groups and sub-groups. Teachers can mix and match students at the behavioral level to enhance diversity and understanding. At the teacher's fingertips, this capability is revolutionary in its scope as a dynamic Classroom Management Tool.
  • Recognize each student’s natural behavior pattern and inspire the student using this knowledge.
  • Analyze behavioral trends. Understand the behavioral makeup of the entire class and capitalize on it.
  • Examine the percentage makeup of each behavioral pattern.
  • Look at group dynamics and identify clusters of behavioral levels (high, medium-high, medium-low, and low) to create learning opportunities.
  • Provides Classroom Management tips: Provide suggestions to adjust any student’s ability to ‘fit’ into the classroom situation they are currently facing to build a student’s behavioral acuity.
  • Adjust in-class instruction and environmental stimuli to enhance student retention.
  • The validation process removes biases and subjectivity from assessing individual students behavioral capabilities and preferences.
  • Provides data sets to combine with additional student information.
  • Program access can be granted through individual or group access codes.
  • Reports can be completely customized.
  • The K-12 Classroom Management Tool can also be used to collect group data for groups larger or smaller than the actual classroom data set. It can generate reports at the school, district, county,  state and national levels.





The system provides structure for teaching behavioral KSAs (knowledge, skills, attitude) that are unique to the individual student but can be delivered to millions of participants in a standardized format. The materials are impactful and easy to teach. The system is based on a consistent methodology to provide educators and teachers sufficient competency in a subject that might be somewhat foreign to them. The materials are designed for self-study, home study, in-classroom instruction, as well as being insightful for peer-led groups.

We train and certify teachers and administrators in DISCflex so they can become subject matter experts in DISC and use the program successfully in their classroom. We supply all educational materials including DISCflex training and certification. The suite of tools includes classroom instructional materials, PPT's note delivery notes, and activities. These make teaching behavior-based education from the front of the classroom easy. Teachers and educators have responded that they prefer virtual education to ramp up their behavior knowledge. We this invaluable feedback, Indaba's Classroom Behavioral Management Certification is web-based and typically takes less than three hours to complete. Some districts might prefer that certification be delivered by webinar, train-the-trainer, or classroom style. These options are also available. Please note that the International Coaching Association will add their certification authority to the Indaba certification process. Indaba provides support and assistance throughout the training and facilitation process. We are here to help you be successful.


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K-12 Products

What Students Think:

"I am able to know the balance of when to talk and when to listen."

"A theme I noticed in my report was that I am very self-motivated."    

"I have gotten frustrated because I was not able to get someone to agree with my opinion however, I did not take the time to agree with theirs.  By knowing this information from the report and realizing that it is an issue, I can be more aware  and be more open to others ideas."

"One thing that I need to work on for the future is slowing down on taking actions.  I think and make decisions very quickly and thoughtfully but sometimes I act on them too quickly.  The report stated, “You need to work on slowing down your desire to take action before you think things through” (p. 17).  In the past I have moved too quickly which caused me to have to backtrack and redo something I would not have had to otherwise."  

"It is crazy how spot on the report was.  It absolutely blew my mind.  I have taken assessments in the past but they have never come close to this one.  I'm very impressed and loved this activity."