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The DISCflex™ Leadership Report explains how your DISC profile will influence your preferences and natural behavior tendencies as a leader within your organization. You will also get tips and bewares to help you avoid the pitfalls of your profile and become a better leader.

This report is great for: personal development, leadership teams, MBA programs, and much more...

DISCflex™ Leadership Program Contents

  • 60 Question Targeted Assessment (Based on Report Topic)
  • 40+ Page Report
  • 3rd Party Perception (360 view)
  • Top 3 DISC Sub-Factors
  • Personalized Information Based on Scores
  • Six Primary Motivational Elements
  • 10 Report Topics covered in depth with coaching models: 

Work Environment

Goal Setting

Interpersonal Communication


Decision Making

Team Interactions


Receiving and Giving Feedback


Performance Management

Recommended Follow-Up eLearning (Optional)

DISCflex eLearning Course

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