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The ultimate objective of the Life Skills Suite is to teach you invaluable lessons and advanced skills designed to help you assess what is important for you and then align your goals with this knowledge to make positive changes in your life.

In the Life Skills Program, you will learn how to analyze your behaviors, values, habits, and goals, and then determine exactly what it is that's holding you back from successfully achieving those goals. The explicit goal is to make well-planned adjustments - changes that you probably would not be able to make or sustain without the knowledge, continued support, and motivation of the Life Skills Program.

The Life Skills Suite is not only rich in content but guides you on building out a workable plan that ultimately is designed to create - and bring to fruition - the balanced life you envision.

Life Skills Suite eLearning Group Coaching:

  • Training Sessions developed around the eLearning Program.
  • Activities developed for critical thinking and practical application.
  • Delivered via webinar.
  • Contact us for in-person coaching pricing.

Program Highlights: 

  • The program is a two year, 48 session program split into four parts. The idea is to do two sessions a month. This structure helps to produce life-changing results by taking you through the journey one step at a time; confidently moving you through to success.
  • The program can be done independently or with a certified life coach.
  • Though the program you will come to understand your values, set priorities, create an action plan, hold yourself accountable, balance your life, improve relationships, communicate with confidence, and achieve your goals.
  • The course will give you insight on how to visualize, prioritize your goals, and discover how to consistently achieve them.
  • Learn how to align your core values with your life’s goals resulting in an integrity-based and authentic life.
  • Build relationships and learn networking techniques to ensure that you surround yourself with like-minded people, furthering your opportunities for achievement.
  • Through the course you will learn how strategic decision making affects your choices and how to apply it to your goals.
  • You will gain balance and well being in your life to reduce or eliminate stress.
  • Discover the best way to move through both the negative and positive phases of your life as you maneuver and strive toward your objective.

Life Skills Suite Course Content:

Part 1

Feelings and Emotions
Why Set Goals
Creative Visualization
Ranking Goals
Overcome Hesitation and Do Something
Life Strategies

Part 2

Personal Characteristics
Strengths and Weaknesses
Opportunities and Threats
Personal Mission Statements
Decision Making
Decision Making Matrix
Cognitive Biases
Framing Bias
Time Management

Part 3

Opportunities and Possibilities
The Transitional Time Line
Negative Phases of the Transitional Time Line
Positive Phases of the Transitional Time Line
Perceptual Positions
Respect and Leadership Currency
Body Language and Rapport
Mirroring, Matching, Cross-over Pacing, and Leading
Reading People and Active Listening

Part 4

Absolutes and Generalities
The Language of Change
Cause and Effect
Synergy and Listening
Relationship Building
How to Receive Feedback
How to Give Feedback
Having Balance and Well-being
Maintaining Sound Physical and Mental Health
Hold Yourself Accountable
Setting Yourself into a State