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Everyone wants the best employees! You want to attract the best and brightest. During the recruitment and hiring process, it is important to not only look at the candidate’s performance in school/on the job. It is also important to look at their behavior! Are they aware of how they behave? Do they know how to behave appropriately in certain situations? Can they demonstrate this to you?

We have found that most employers do not a set process for behavior-based interview questions. This is because it is hard to do without getting in legal trouble. During the hiring process, it is against the law to make hiring decisions based on assessment scores. Companies can’t hire John over Bob because of their DISC scores.

However, what they can do, is ask John and Bob the same questions about their behavior. They can use the same scoring rubric to measure their responses. Do those responses meet the employer’s expectations? That will depend on the employer and the job. But what is noteworthy, is we do now have a tool that companies can use for behavior-based interviewing in the hiring process.

Online Hiring DISC Assessment- New Program

Improve your selection process today! Our DISC assessment is used for behavior-based interviewing during the hiring process! Below you will find a brief overview of our new product.

The DISCflex Behavior Interviewing Guide

A candidate takes a 60 question assessment. The results are instant and only available to the employer. The candidate isn’t able to see their results. Meanwhile, the employer gets a custom report on the candidate’s DISC scores. This helps them identify the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.

The interview guide provides a standard set of interviewing questions. As a result, you can use these questions for all jobs and candidates. We provide you with a scoring rubric. So you can determine if the candidate is the right fit for the job.

This report is great for-Hiring and Interviewing

DISC Interview Guide Contents

60 Question Targeted Assessment

13 Page Candidate Profile and Prep Report

  • Importance of Interviewer’s DISC
  • Candidate’s Summary & Scores
  • Strengths and Motivators
  • Sub-factors Overview

11 Page Interview Guide on Behavior

  • Interview Setup
  • Interview Questions
  • Scoring Rubric and Comments Section
  • Interview Results

The retail price is $30.00 per report. Please remember we offer discounted prices. 30% discounts to our Certified Coaches and  60% discounts to our Partners. Our coaches and partners have no minimum purchase requirements.


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