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Indaba Global Coaching created the DISCflex DISC Assessment in 2010. Our DISC Assessment is fully validated and offers instant results. We offer our programs directly on our website to the public. We also offer the ability for others to become trained in our programs and become a DISC Supplier themselves. We are looking for hardworking, dedicated, and knowledgeable people to coach and partner with.

Distributing Partners: Become a DISC Supplier by partnering with us. As a partner, you will help spread the word about Indaba Global products and be handsomely rewarded!  If approved to become an Indaba Partner, you will receive 300 DISCflex Assessments of your choice and 70% off Indaba Global's entire line of products. We do not have any minimum purchase requirements so you do not have to worry about holding inventory and can order as needed. Our Partners sell DISCflex to coaches who do not have their own materials, Colleges/Universities, Fortune 500 companies, Small Businesses, and much more!

Indaba Distributing Partnership Includes

Initial Fee- $6,000.00

  • 300 DISCflex Assessments of your choice (Up to $21,000 retail value)
  • 1 DISCflex Facilitation Certification ($300 Value)
    • DISCflex Business Behaviors Program – Assessment + DISC eLearning
    • 90 min training webinar- report walk thru, user and admin account overview
    • Facilitation PPT – Slides with notes to use from the front of the classroom
    • User Experience PPT – Slides walking the end-user thru the registration process
    • Hard-Copy Certificate and ability to advertise as a DISCflex Certified Coach
  • 70% off retail prices for future orders for the life of the partnership.
  • No expiration date for the assessments.

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