Performance Management

By making proper use of performance management you can ensure that each and every employee in your organization is simultaneously working towards their individual potential while advancing the overall strategic goals of the organization itself. The course gives managers a step-by-step process on how to set performance goals, communicate expectations, measure progress, provide feedback, and finally how to adjudicate performance management goals, and prepare for the formal employee evaluation.

The Performance Management program explains how to motivate employees towards self-improvement and towards accomplishing the organization’s strategic goals. The sessions clarify that evaluation and feedback are critical tools for helping to ensure that your employees are on the right track at all times, for themselves, their department, and for the organization as a whole. The sessions take participants through the process of cultivating productive employees through evaluations and ongoing, timely feedback. We realize that without appropriate communication of performance objectives, the formal evaluation process falls apart. Performance management encompasses providing feedback to employees based on the three key fundamental areas of performance based on expectations, conduct and behavior, as well as attendance adherence.

Because one of the fundamental pillars of performance management is the formal performance evaluation, it outlines the process for conducting an effective formal employee evaluation. This ensures that all formal evaluations are delivered with consistency and handled with proper care and that they follow guidelines and procedures.

An organization whose individuals are all moving in the same direction, towards common goals, and who are motivated in doing so, is a strong organization. By embracing the principles of performance management, you can achieve this accomplishment in your organization.

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Features and Benefits

  • The program gives management a step-by-step process on how to prepare for the formal employee evaluation, and the process to conduct an effective formal employee evaluation. This ensures that all formal evaluations are delivered with consistency and handled with proper procedure.
  • Performance Management emphasizes the importance of documentation and of committing performance reviews to writing. The course offers tips and tactics to management for proper documentation in order to gain structure, maintain consistency, and avoid legal tribulations.
  • If performance management is utilized properly with continuous feedback, there will be “no surprises” when it comes time for the formal performance evaluation. This creates a culture within the company where feedback is welcomed and reviews are the norm.
  • One objective of performance management is to help employees grow through ongoing, timely feedback and coaching so that they can perform at optimum levels. Employees who are aware of where they stand will be more likely strive for higher levels of productivity and will he self-motivated to obtain the knowledge of how to get there.
  • Management will learn about the different types of employees, types of evaluations, and how to set goals for the next performance period to ensure ongoing success for the company.
  • Performance evaluations are designed to improve employee’s performance but sometimes, management is faced with an inevitable decision to terminate employees due to their performance based on expectations, conduct and behavior, or attendance adherence. Knowing that this may occur, participants will also be given access to a comprehensive manual on termination guidelines.

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