Live Training Sessions

In addition to our eLearning Courses, Indaba Global offers Live Training programs that can be delivered in person or via webinar.  Our live training sessions cover topics such as: Decision Making, DISC Assessments; and much more. To learn more or schedule a live training session please contact our team.

Webinar Live Training Sessions

Engage your team with interactive Webinar Training Sessions without killing your team's whole day! Assemble your team for a couple hours in a conference room, get the training and get on with your day. Need some of your team to join remotely? No Problem! Each team member can join from anywhere in the world. We will work with your team leaders to adjust our presentation to match your company's vision.

In-Person Live Training

There is nothing quite like being there. Indaba Global's in-person live training sessions will inspire your team to take action. We provide MBA level training, including models that can be taught in 5 minutes and implemented 5 minutes later. We are the go-to source for performance and behavior live training. We will work with your team leaders to craft a custom event around your company's values and care-abouts.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote speaking engagements are a great way to bring awareness and motivate your team. We cover a wide range of topics and tailor the speech to your organization's special needs. We give dozens of keynote speeches each year on topics such as Leadership Development, Assessing behavior with DISC, Improving the Sales Process, Managing Change, Body Language, Customer Engagement and more. Do you have a topic you would like covered that is not listed? Contact our team with your inquiry and we will let you know what options we have available for your event.

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