DISC Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

what is DISC

General Questions

1. Can other people see my DISC results?

User accounts can only see their own DISC results. Admin accounts can review the results of all user accounts in their direct organization or sub-organizations beneath them.

2. Is 3rd Party Perception (360-view) Free?

Yes, the 3rd Party Perception (360-view) component comes standard with the majority of our DISC assessments. It does not cost any extra to use this feature. We do have the ability to turn the feature off if you would not like it to appear in your report.

 3. How much does DISCflex™ Cost?

We have a full library of DISC programs. Our cheapest option costs $20/report with our most expensive costing $60/report. We also allow you to add eLearning to our reports for $30/ person. To view a full list of our DISC programs with prices and sample reports please view our DISC Assessments page.

4. Can I download a Sample DISC Report?

You can download a sample report from any of our individual program pages.

5. Can I use DISC for hiring?

Yes, DISC can be a valuable tool when assessing potential candidates for your company. DISC is not designed to be a selection tool but can provide valuable insight into the candidate’s behavioral tendencies to enhance the interview process. We have a DISC Interview Guide that is written to the employer and provides you with a standard list of questions and scoring rubric to use.

DISC for Groups and TeaMS

1. Can I compare my team's DISC behaviors?

Yes, with our Team Behavior Report you will get all of your team’s individual scores, as well as information about your team as a whole. The Team Behavior Report can help you identify gaps, or weak points, in your team’s behavioral make-up.

2. Can I choose a Team Leader on the Team Behavior Report?

Yes, the Team Behavior Report has a section that provides valuable feedback about the team leader’s behavior profile and how it can affect their leadership style. A team is not a team without a leader. View a Sample Team Behavior Report

3. How do I run a DISC Workshop?

DISC workshops are a great way to teach others to communicate better with other people and to identify DISC styles in other people. When you become a Certified DISC Coach, you will be given the skills and tools necessary to run your own DISC Workshop.

Become a Certified DISC Coach 

Ordering and Facilitation

1. How do I order Indaba Global Products?

Online: Select your preferred product. Click "add to cart" on the program page. At checkout, select the quantity you wish to purchase. Enter any promotional or coupon codes then click “Checkout using Paypal”. You will be able to pay with a credit/debit card or via a PayPal Account. We promise to provide you access to your program within 1 business day of your payment processing.

Over the Phone: Any of our trained account representatives will be able to process your order over the phone. We process credit and debit cards and promise to send you access to your program within 1 business day of your payment processing.

2. What happens once I order products?

An Indaba Account Representative will contact you within 1 business day of your payment processing to provide you with an access code.

3. What is an Access Code?

An access code allows you to create an Indaba account and provides you with access to the program you purchased. By registering your account you can create your own username and password. To view a demo of this process feel free to check out our help desk to see a video example.

4. How do I facilitate access to other people?

If you wish to provide access to other people you will first need to make sure you have an admin account. You will also need to have inventory of the program you wish to provide others access to. Once you sign in, click on inventory. You will then be able to select which program you want to facilitate. Click the program name then on the next screen click "generate codes". If you have already generated unused codes you can scroll down to find them. One good way to keep track of codes you have sent to others is by utilizing the reserve button. You can enter someone’s name to reserve a code for. To view a demo of this process feel free to check out our admin help desk to see a video example.

Admin Accounts

1. What is an Admin Account?

An admin account allows you to set up organizations to segment groups of people. An admin account also allows you to track participant’s progress.This enables you to check if your participants have completed an assessment, eLearning quiz/test, or invite third-party users you can track your population.

2. As an admin, how do I download my participant’s report?

You will want to sign into your admin account and locate the participant(s) you wish to track. You may find them as users directly in your organization or as participant’s in a sub-organization. Once you locate them you can click their name to view assessment scores and download reports.