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What should I look for in a Coach?

All executive coaches aren’t the same. Therefore, you will need to do your research to find the best one. There are certain traits you should look for determining which coach is right for you. Successful coaches are able to motivate others and remain objective. Begin your search by looking for coaches who are experts in your field. Request an interview with them. Make sure the coach understands your problems. Finally, they will need the critical thinking skills to help you solve your problems.


Indaba Global offers full-service coaching packages. For over 25 years Indaba Global’s coaches have delivered custom solutions. As a result, they are designed to meet and exceed client goals. We produce all of our own materials, including our DISC assessments. We have complete control over our content. Which enables us to deliver the same consistent message. Most of our competitors have one or two areas of expertise. Consquently they must rely on outside resources to deliver training materials.

Custom Training Solutions

The Indaba Team tailors our approach to fit the needs of our clients. We provide executive coaching in-person, webinar, and pre-recorded eLearning courses. Take a look at the training courses we offer. We believe in using a blended learning approach. Delivering content in-person. Providing our eLearning with pre and post work. This allows our clients to learn at their own pace.

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One on One– Get personalized one-on-one training with an expert coach. Our coaches don’t “talk at” our clients. We will engage in meaningful conversation. We adjust our coaching technique to fit the client’s style.

Group– Bring our trained coaching team in to speak with your team. We provide courses for leadership and employee development. We coach: Executive Teams, Sales Teams, Management Teams, or the whole team. No group is too small or too large for our team!

Webinar– Our most cost-effective solution! Schedule an expert coach to perform a live webinar. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

In-Person– Bring the experts to you! Our coaches travel worldwide. Contact us today for a quote. Check out our events page to see if we will be in your area.


Executive Coaching – Every coach on our team is a Certified Executive Coach. We specialize in training executives how to cope with change. Make better decisions. Facilitate and lead projects. Give and receive feedback. Evaluate performance management. Develop team-building skills. Maintain a good work-life balance. We use coaching models that we have developed and used for 25+ years. We turned these teachings into coaching courses. Available via our Enterprise Development Suite.

DISC Coaching – Every coach on our team is a DISCflex Certified behavior expert. This gives us the ability to assess our client’s. We can incorporate DISCflex into your coaching sessions. DISC will help you better communicate. Our DISCflex assessments are easy to read and accurate. We offer DISC assessments on business, leadership, sales, and hiring. We also have a DISC eLearning course that provides 15+ hours of content.

Sales Coaching – Our coaches have strong sales backgrounds. Each coach has completed our Sales Suite training course. We are experts in the sales process, influencing techniques, and closing deals. We also will analyze the current sales process. Our goal is to find out why your sales team is losing potential customers. We will provide a solution you can act on. Part of the solution will be we will make sure that the right metrics are in place. It is important to monitor any solution you implement.

Life Coaching – All of our coaches on our team are Certified Life Coaches. We help clients assess their values. Our coaches help them to create SMART Goals for future success. We do this using a blended learning approach with our Life Skills eLearning. This eLearning includes 48 sessions. Sessions include developing a personal mission statement. With the eLearning, we are able to provide follow-up material. Our life coaches are trained to motivate and inspire our clients.

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