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The link between WHAT people can do (performance skills and competencies) and HOW they go about their responsibilities (behavioral proficiency) are critical aspects of a great hire. We’ve all hired prima donnas. They are extremely knowledgeable; but terrible team members. We’ve also hired people who looked great on paper, but couldn’t fit in or do the job. This is where hiring mistakes become costly.

Assessing behavior and competency in the recruiting process and coaching people is our strength. Our Recruiting Process focuses on assessing candidates from a Behavior & Performance standpoint. The goal is to bring ‘better fit’ candidates into your organization. As part of our commitment, we coach New Hires to make sure they are successful integrating into your organization. This coaching service is at the core of our mutual success.

We realize that the new hire must be a great fit for the team. The relationship between the New Hire and their direct supervisor is vitally important. As part of the Indaba Recruiting Process, we provide complimentary assessments of the team the new hire will join. Awareness of behavioral preferences between the parties sets all up for success.

Who do we recruit?

We specialize in high tech, hard-to-find, IT, sales, marketing, finance and design roles, to name a few. In particular, we spot talented leaders and managers.

What makes Indaba Recruiting Different?

We know how to ‘promote’ your opportunity to the type of candidate you need. I say this with the utmost confidence in our team: We are great at qualifying and closing!

Our Process, Our Staff, Our History, and Our Network

Our Commitment and Process: We believe in process; it’s what has always set us apart. People trust us to put great people into their organizations; and to coach the management team and candidates in harmony to attain successful workplace experiences. We are highly disciplined in our approach to recruiting, onboarding, and coaching new hires. We are very proud of our outcomes and results. We utilize a combination of Assessments, Behavior-Based Interviewing and Performance-based Qualifying. We provide reports and analysis that inform decision making. We train your interviewing panel as part of our engagement.

Our Staff: We are a highly diverse team encompassing an array of disciplines from engineering, IT, executive coaching, sales, and management through Board Level experience. All are highly competent in their field; and none chose recruiting as a first option – they evolved to it because of their passion and skill sets. Why does this make a difference?

  • We know how to assess, qualify, and spot talent.
  • We know how to get to the heart of behavioral and performance competencies efficiently.
  • Every person on the team has a high level of experience in our core competencies.

The bottom line: We guarantee results. We are confident and disciplined. We know that we can help your organization attract the talent they need. Our bottom-line approach adds to your bottom line.

Recruiting Process

Indaba Global's Recruiting Team will use their resources, domain knowledge, experience, skill, and its best efforts to identify, recruit, screen, test, and check candidates according to Indaba Global Standard Practices. Indaba Global will fulfill its Recruiting responsibilities according to Hiring Manager Position Requirement (HMPRs) for each Client request in accordance with standard pre-employment practices for identifying qualified Client candidates for a position. Tools and systems will be addressed and billed according to the specifics in HMPRs for each position.

General Overview of Recruiting Responsibilities

Our Recruiting Team shall provide Client with the following recruiting deliverables/tasks:

  • Source, qualify, engage, and attract top talent for the Client.
  • Manage a talent acquisition strategy that involves a prospect funnel, applicant funnel, and driving the activity for candidate acquisition.
  • Cultivate and maintain an ongoing relationship with hiring managers and Client to facilitate workforce planning strategies and create partnerships that ensure a fast and simple hiring process.
  • Make suggestions prior to Candidate offers, suggest ideas for strategic closing plans, engage to help negotiate compensation packages, with the goal for the Client to ultimately offer top candidates a position at the Client’s organization.
  • Understand the market and design innovative and creative ways to connect and attract the appropriate talent for the Client.
  • Collaborate with hiring manager, interviewing team, and recruiting team members to ensure an exceptional candidate experience.
  • Maintain reporting metrics and generate reports on a regular cadence as required in the Hiring Manager Position Requirements (HMPRs).
  • Hand off to onboarding coach to continue the Candidate Experience as required in the HMPRs.

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