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Why you should hire a professional speaker!

Break away from the monotony of the day to day routine that leaves employees uninspired and unfulfilled. Hiring a motivational speaker to speak at your event is a great way to inspire individuals and get your entire team on the same page. The experience of being in the same room, asking questions, and being a part of an event with a great speaker leaves a lasting impression.  If you have ever been to see one of your favorite musicians in concert you understand the difference.  Sure, you can listen to their songs on the radio, play their album over and over, learn every lyric, and even watch their shows on TV or online... but nothing beats the experience of the real thing.


Keynote Speaking Hellen Davis

Keynote Pricing - Hellen Davis

Local: <2 hours from St. Petersburg, FL

2 Hour: $2,995     4 Hour: $3,495

United States:

2 Hour: $3,495     4 Hour: $3,995

International: Please Inquire

What makes Hellen's Speeches Different?

Hellen Davis has delivered sales, motivational, and strategic planning presentations worldwide. Her keynote addresses are described as dynamic, motivating, captivating, and educational. Hellen's experience and experiences have left her with more stories than she could ever fit into a speech, or even a book.

Born and raised in South Africa, Hellen later moved to The United States. She has more stamps in her passport than most and is quick to jump on a plane and add more. She has her CLU, financial planning sales experience and has started and run several companies over the past 26 years. Hellen also spent time as a military parachute instructor. You will be hard pressed to find someone with more experience than Hellen Davis.

Hellen says, "The experience I had selling financial products and services as well as my experience in air sports (skydiving, flying, and hang gliding) was the grounding and springboard for the goals i have achieved. This unique combination of experiences forced me to confront fear, overcome adversity, plus it taught me that to a large extent survival depends on achieving a high level of knowledge in the endeavor i am undertaking."

What to expect:

Hellen's keynotes focus on communication, strategic planning, hiring the right people, influencing strategies, sales training, and performance management. When leaving one of Hellen's events attendees will feel inspired to act. Hellen will deliver a step by step action plan that, if followed, will guide you down the path to success. Attendee's view of the subject matter will undoubtedly be changed forever.

We will present a custom package to your team tailored specifically to your company's goals and "hot button" issues. We can come to you and do it your way, or we can handle everything including food, venue and everything in between.

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