Spring 2017 Update

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Spring 2017 Update

The Indaba Team has been very busy and is making great strides in assessing student and employee behaviors. We would like to take the opportunity to highlight a few exciting developments and thank some of the wonderful people who helped make them happen.



The Spring Semester has been a great success with a number of new schools choosing to use DISCflex to help improve their student’s soft skills. The latest, Columbia University, is now using DISCflex as a part of their Master’s in Applied Analytics Program.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Dr. Rebecca Heino and the Columbia University team for all of their hard work in organizing and implementing DISCflex into their program in such a short period of time.



Last week, Joni Anderson and Lori Berglund of Buena Vista University spoke about the value of using DISCflex at the Iowa Women in Higher Education’s “IOWAWHE Women’s Leadership Conference”.

When asked about the event, Lori mentioned, “Our conference session was before lunch, and the conversation about DISCflex continued around the tables of attendees interested in applying their new knowledge to their own institutions”.

The presentation was a huge hit and conference attendees had overwhelmingly positive things to say in their survey responses. Many attendees have already inquired about using DISCflex with their students. A very big Thank You to Lori and Joni for all of their hard work!



Indaba is proud to announce that we have partnered with Microchip Technology to build an employee development program centered on DISCflex. The program will be offered to all employees (10,000+) as the cornerstone of their Dynamic Communication course.

The DISCflex Behavioral Interview Guide has also gained traction as a tool to help interviewers identify key behavioral traits in potential hires. The feedback so far has been excellent, so thank you to all partook in the Beta Testing for all of your valuable feedback!



Dr. Bryan Forsyth, Brian Mitchell, Hellen Davis, and Alex Fryer had their research paper, which linked DISCflex to developing emotional intelligence and driving employee satisfaction and job performance, published in the Journal of Organizational Psychology.


-Read the Research Paper Here-



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