Become a DISC Certified Coach

Free Online DISC Assessments

Indaba would love to have you use our DISC programs. DISC is not owned by one company or person. Our version of DISC assessments help user's answer the "Now What" question many face after reading their report.

Our programs offer custom topics with different DISC Assessments you can align DISC with your interests and set goals to match.

Our programs are customized so that your report will be tailored to your results and will not match anyone else's.

We do not require certified coaches to carry any inventory, renew their certifications, or pay for facilitation materials.

All certified coaches receive a 30% discount off our retail prices and have no minimum purchase requirements. They receive training to use DISC with other's and are provided a full facilitation toolkit to use when doing so.


DISCflex Certification Process:

Complete your DISCflex Assessment

Complete a 60-90 minute training webinar

Contact us to begin the process or if you have any questions!

DISCflex™ Certification is completed almost entirely online, at your own pace.

Facilitator: ($300): This is the fastest course.  We make sure you have all the tools and support you need to get people through their DISCflex™ Assessment and Report start to finish.  You can now advertise yourself as DISCflex™ Certified.

DISCflex™ Facilitator Certification -$300.00 

Master: ($995): This course comes with 25 free DISCflex™ Assessments and the added value of being DISCflex™ Master Certified.  This course takes slightly longer to complete because in addition to the final test, there is a mock coaching call in which we test your understanding of DISCflex™ and make sure you have Mastered the art of DISC.  During this call we will perform mock coaching scenarios where you are the coach and you are walking us (client/student/etc.) through our DISCflex™ Report.

DISCflex™ Master Certification -$995.00 

Summary and Scores

Motivators and Stressors

3rd Party Perception

Defining DISC

Team Behavior Report: Individual Scores

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