DISC Patterns Explained – Elevated DIC Pattern

Elevated DIC Pattern

Individuals whose assessment shows rankings of three factors: Elevated in D, I, & C (and comparatively lower S) generally exhibit these tendencies: People that have a high sense of urgency, understand time constraints and how to deal with them, are usually Elevated D, I, & C’s. Their speed of response and impatient style make them…

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DISC Patterns Explained – Elevated DSC Pattern

Elevated DSC Pattern

Individuals whose DISC assessment results point toward a ranking with three elevated factors — Elevated D, S, & C (and comparatively lower Influence) will generally exhibit these types of tendencies: The combination of three elevated factors — dominance, steadiness, and compliance — can be a fairly complex pattern. The three elevated factors overshadow influence, which…

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DISC Patterns Explained – Elevated ISC Pattern

Elevated ISC Pattern

Individuals whose assessment results depict an Elevated I, S & C factors (and comparatively lower d) generally exhibit these tendencies: Individuals with Elevated I, S & C factors exhibit a low dominance factor, which means that they are not very likely to be assertive or demanding. Rather, these individuals try to influence others through communication…

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DISC Patterns Explained – Compressed DISC Patten (DISC)

Compressed DISC Pattern

When a pattern is produced where all four DISC factors are very close to one another, it represents a special case and is labeled as a “Compressed DISC Pattern” or a “Flat Line” Pattern. When the scores are within a set range determined by our algorithm, it indicates that none of the DISC factors are…

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Using DISC assessments in the classroom

Using DISC assessments in the classroom.

DISC Assessments are on campuses across the United States. The DISC program is being used at all levels. From undergrad to MBA classes. DISC Assessments help identify a student’s strengths and potential challenges. DISC reports identify students motivators and stressors. Teaching students the basics of DISC is a great way to engage students. The program…

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How to Sell DISC – For Coaches

Sell DISC Assessments

Many coaches are trained in DISC. They understand how to sell DISC assessments. However many are unsure of how to implement! Indaba makes the entire process easy. With no minimum purchase requirements. Coaches can sell DISC to 1 person or a large group of people. They are able to calculate their cost instantly. Please see…

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