DISCflex™ Team Behavior Report


DISCflex™ Team Behavior Report Contents

Our DISC algorithms generate a unique overview of every team you select in your organization according to their DISC scores. By allowing unlimited access to the DISCflex™ Team Behavior Report Tool at a fabulous price, you can swap out different people and see the impact this will have prior to making organizational changes – whether swapping out an unlimited number of team members or any team leader. You can immediately see the result on a Team’s Governing Behavior (TGB) and performance without making costly mistakes or having unintended catastrophic organizational consequences. Although the report has detailed information, it was written so that anyone can use it.


team breakdown
Each Team Behavior Report includes an Affinity Diagram of DISC scores
Free DISC Team Report

Program includes:

  • Unlimited access and analytical capabilities
  1. Ability to swap out any team leader and run another report – FREE!
  2. Ability to swap out any team member and run another report – FREE!
  • Individual Team Members’ Scores and Behavioral Breakdown – bar, pie and unique scoring levels for each DISC factor – enabling you to assess trust, communication and a myriad of other behaviors
  • Affinity Diagram breakdown analyzing each individual DISC factor level for every team member
  • 9 Fundamental Operational Steps for High Performance Teams - Process Steps: from Vision right through to After Action Review (see sample DISC Team Report Tool)
  • Team Leader Strengths And Challenges – detailed section on how the selected leader will deal with this team including Executive Coaching Targeted Tips and Bewares (prewarned is prearmed!)

Single Report

Purchase a single team report. Please make sure to note anyone you want to include on your team must have previously completed the same DISCflex™ assessment.

Single Team Behavior Report -$100.00 

Unlimited Reports

We realized in creating and analyzing teams that you may want to generate multiple reports. Our team report asks you to select a team leader, with unlimited use you will be able to generate multiple reports with various people listed as the team leader. We will train you to be able to generate these reports from your admin account.

Unlimited Team Behavior Report Access -$300.00 

*Please note each person you select for your team must first complete the same DISC assessment. Please see our library of DISCflex Assessment options to choose the program that best fits your team.