Teams are necessary within any organization in order to generate ideas, formulate strategies, carry out plans, and complete projects. Therefore, Indaba has created a program on Teambuilding because solid team practices must be integrated into your organization for success.


Through Indaba Global's program on Teambuilding, you’ll learn from the ground up how to effectively implement teamwork into your workplace. The sessions take participants through the process of how to formulate a team strategy, build a solid team, and how to run effective team meetings. The course outlines team member’s roles as well as how to achieve team cohesion and develop a cooperative team environment. Not all efforts are suited to teamwork. This is why employees and management will learn what the various advantages and disadvantages of teams are, as well as when or when not to use teams.


The tips and tactics provided will guide the team leader and team members toward fulfilling their responsibilities, as well as providing them the impetus to recognize the value of cognitive diversity and the necessity of an intellectually diverse team. The Teambuilding program will also teach how to choose the right person for the right job, hold individual team members accountable for their deliverables, and how to keep a team on track through even the most trying of times. Teams will be able to debate respectfully and dissolve personal disputes. Ultimately by implementing the lessons and knowledge from the Teambuilding course, your team can reach peak performance.

Team Building is Available in these great Products

$40- Assessment + Report + eLearning 

$180/person- 8 Leadership Development eLearning Courses 

Features and Benefits

  • Employees and Management will be taught how to build a solid team from the ground up and how to choose the proper team members in order to ensure cognitive diversity and an effective team.
  • The Teambuilding program details the proper procedure for conducting team projects and meetings from when team members are first selected until the close of the team meeting through to the after action review.
  • The Teambuilding program offers widely accepted psychological models to get employees and management to understand the underlying mechanics of teamwork and ultimately how to drive the team to success.
  • Save time and money with effective team practices. The Teambuilding program teaches how to run efficient team meetings with minimal time spent by use of a team facilitator, leader, note takers, team member roles, and specific team meeting guidelines.
  • Most reasons for team problems revolve around communication issues. Therefore, the teambuilding course emphasizes the use of several different communication methods to alleviate and avoid communication issues that tends to occur during teamwork.
  • The Teambuilding program also educated team members how to avoid common pitfalls such as groupthink, ethical and legal constraints, contractual constraints, etc, which can save your organization from costly mistakes and time wasted.
  • Teams are a necessity in today’s workplace, therefore, Indaba’s course on Teambuilding will teach how to integrate solid team practices to ensure the team is cognitively diverse and producing the best results.

This Course is available in the following formats

Professional Training In-Person

In Person

This course is available in a group or one-on-one. In person training is a great way to make learning more enjoyable and memorable.

blended learning approach

Blended Learning

Our blended learning approach uses a custom blend of in person training, webinars, phone conversations, and elearning.

eLearning library with Indaba Global


Our E-Learning option is great for self improvement or employee training. Our learning management system tests retention and tracks progress. 100% online.

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