The Indaba Global Team

The Indaba Global Team

Hellen Davis Professional Speaker

Hellen Davis

Indaba Global Coaching CEO/Owner

Hellen Davis is an executive officer of Indaba Health and Wellness LLC, and is one of the founders of Indaba Global Coaching, LLC, a management consulting, eLearning, and training corporation. Clients include executives and leaders from dozens of Fortune 100 corporations and leadership in the top agencies in the public sector. She is respected for her extensive knowledge of accountability and executing strategic goals, as well as influencing strategies, strategic planning, behavior modification processes, sales and peak performance management expertise, and negotiation tactics. Ms. Davis has written many books, including the best seller The 21 Laws of Influence. Her favorite is Noble Intent, co-authored by Fran Landolf.

Hellen resides in St. Petersburg, Florida but travels extensively all over the world. Hellen has two wonderful children, Justin and Jazmin, and enjoys spending time with her family. Ms. Davis was educated in the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. She holds a BS in Computer Science, Masters Designation in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and holds a CLU from American College focused on Estate Taxation and Planning, Corporate Taxation, Financial Analysis & Budgeting, and Accounting Practices in Corporations. While in the insurance and investment industry, Hellen successfully completed several NASD security licenses.


Indaba Global Coaching Team

Alex Fryer

Senior Director of Operations


Alex is responsible for training and managing all distributors, clients, and office personnel at Indaba and is a liaison between the CEO Hellen Davis and the staff. 

Alex graduated from Hope College in Holland, Michigan with a B.A. in Communications. He worked in the real estate market for Community Resource Management Company in East Lansing, Michigan, and also has experience working at Total Quality Logistics in Tampa, Florida. Alex developed a knowledge of sales organization, keeping track of client records, and knowing when and how to call upon past clients, as well as prospecting for new clients.

Indaba Global Coaching Team - Mike

Michael Ortega 

Director of Sales and Marketing


Mike is responsible for improving sales strategies and enhancing market growth through customer engagement and retention.  While using one of our DISCflex™ Programs as a customer to help improve his own leadership skills, he saw the opportunity to help coach others to become better leaders by using DISCflex™ Programs. Upon completion of the program, Mike left his retail management position with Footlocker, Inc to join the Indaba Global team full time. Mike’s retail management background gave him a strong understanding of how to build relationships with customers and take the necessary steps to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Indaba Global Coaching Team - James

James Fryer

Director of Project Development


James is the newest member of the Indaba Team and has quickly proved himself by producing great results in a timely manner. James' responsibilities include program and content development.

James studied Political Science for four years at the University of Florida and graduated with a B.S. in Public Policy and Administration from St. Petersburg College. James has worked on presidential and senatorial campaigns, and for Nationwide Title Clearing. Working on various political campaigns has given him great experience in meeting deadlines and maintaining highly sensitive financial and legal documents. His leadership and organizational skills enable him to be an asset to the Indaba Team.