Using DISC assessments in the classroom

Using DISC assessments in the classroom.

DISC Assessments are on campuses across the United States.

The DISC program is being used at all levels. From undergrad to MBA classes. DISC Assessments help identify a student’s strengths and potential challenges. DISC reports identify students motivators and stressors. Teaching students the basics of DISC is a great way to engage students. The program improves students soft skills. DISC Training improves students ability to get hired and promoted.

Implementing DISC in the Classroom:

Become DISC Certified:

We provide you with a DISC Assessment to complete. So after you complete the assessment, we schedule a 90-minute webinar. On the webinar, we go over your results. We also provide you with a PPT on how to use DISC with your students.

To become certified in DISC, please contact our team at 727-327-8777 or

Select The Right Products For Your Students:

We have many different DISCflex Assessments available. Out topics cover a wide range of topics. View our Full Library of DISC Assessments.

Popular Products in the Classroom:

DISCflex Business Behaviors ($30)

Used for most undergrad students. 26-Page report designed to provide general DISC information. The report teaches student’s how to analyze their own behavior. It includes a 360 option to understand how others perceive them.

DISCflex Leadership Report ($60)

Used with graduate and post-graduate courses. With a focus on Leadership Development such as MBA programs. The Leadership Report covers everything in the Business report. Plus it includes coaching models and activities to enhance leadership skills.

DISCflex eLearning ($30)

Provide your students with training by assigning our library of eLearning. The entire program contains 15+ hours of content. You can pick and choose various parts to assign as part of your course.

Ordering DISC Products:

School Purchases-

Your school can purchase the program. You will provide it to your students as part of their course.

Student Purchases Direct-

We can create a custom order page. Your students can purchase their products from the order page. By using PayPal or credit card, you provide them with the link.

Student Purchases from School’s Bookstore-

Your bookstore can purchase the products from us. We will provide access codes to the bookstore. The bookstore can re-sell the program to students as they make their purchases.

*We don’t control bookstore pricing. However, our retail prices are available on our website*

Facilitate Products:

We handle this by sending out access codes. If you would like to do this, we can train you. We can teach you how to track your students and download their reports. Our team will train you until you are comfortable.

Having a problem? Contact us. One of our trained coaches will help. We can provide you with templates and videos to make things as easy.

With DISCflex you aren’t alone!


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