What should I look for in a Coach?

Hiring an Executive Coach is a great way to improve oneself, but not all coaches are the same. There are certain traits you should look for when deciding which coach is right for you. Successful coaches are able to motivate others, provide an outside perspective, and remain objective. Coaches need to be knowledgeable and an expert in their field. Always request an introductory interview with a potential coach to ensure that they not only understand your problems, but have the critical thinking skills and tools available to help you solve them.

Indaba Global based out of St. Petersburg, Florida offers full-service coaching packages with expertise in many fields, including Change Management, Decision-Making, Feedback and Coaching, Facilitation, Team-Building, Performance Management, Responsibility/Accountability/Authority, and Work-Life Balance. Our expertise will allow you to have one coaching team delivering a consistent message. For over 25 years Indaba Global’s coaches have delivered custom tailored solutions designed to meet and exceed personal and professional goals. We produce all of our own materials, including our DISC assessments, in-house and have complete control over our content delivery systems. Most of our competitors are limited to one or two areas of expertise and must rely on outside resources to deliver training materials to their clients.

The Indaba Team uses tried and true coaching and development techniques while tailoring the approach to fit the learning style and needs of our clients. We provide coaching in-person, webinar, and pre-recorded eLearning courses. Please contact us if you are looking to hire a coach.

Contact Indaba Today at 727-327-8777 or info@indabaglobal.com!

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